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Configuring Proxy Authentication

Shinydrive can be configured to support two types of proxy settings:

  1. Client side

  2. Server side

Server Side Proxy

Shinydrive is hosted by Apache Tomcat server. To configure Tomcat server to handle a proxy, please review instructions at

Client Side Proxy

Shinydrive support proxy authentication for remote access from the Shinydrive Client.

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Shinydrive.

  2. With a plain text editor (for example, Notepad++), open Shinydrive.exe.config.

  3. Insert the following into the <configuration> section:

      <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="false">
          proxyaddress="http://[your proxy address:port number]"
  4. Save your changes.

If the proxy server is inside a firewall, set useDefaultCredentials to “true”, to pass the proxy authentication before connecting to the Shinydrive server.

The defaultProxy will use the defaults from the browser proxy settings.

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