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Sending Logs to Customer Support (Windows Client/Content Server)

In order to ease the troubleshooting process, it can be helpful to recreate the issue and send logs to Shinydocs Customer Support for review. The following instructions will guide you through the process of generating logs related to your Windows Client support issue:

Please be sure to clear your log directories before recreating the issue and sending Shinydocs your logs.



  1. Set your Content Server Log Settings to DEBUG level for Thread Logs and Connect Logs .

  2. Stop Tomcat and Content Server services.

  3. Clear out your Content Server log directory (OPENTEXT_HOME/logs).

  4. Clear our your Tomcat log directory (TOMCAT_HOME/logs).

  5. Shutdown Shinydrive.

  6. Delete your Shinydrive logs

    1. Typical location is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\shinydrive\logs

  7. Create the Registry Key (if you don't have it already)

    1. String: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\shinydrive\EnableDriverLogging

  8. Set this Registry Key to "True".

  9. Restart Content Server and Tomcat.

  10. Verify Content Server is back up (via the normal Web UI)

  11. Start Shinydrive.

  12. Run a test that recreates this problem.

  13. Set your Content Server Debug level back to 2 or 0 (whatever you like to leave it at).

  14. Set the Registry Key EnableDriverLogging back to "False".

Log file locations:

  • Content Server logs (OPENTEXT_HOME/logs).

  • Tomcat logs (TOMCAT_HOME/logs).

  • Shinydrive Server logs (typical location is /usr/local/shinydrive/logs).

  • Shinydrive Client logs (typical location is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\shinydrive\logs).

These are the standard install locations. Your configuration may vary. It’s always best to clear the logs before reproducing the issue, so it’s easier to find.

Attach the zipped copies of your various log files (for the date in question, where relevant) to the existing, associated Help Desk ticket. If you do not yet have a Help Desk ticket, open a new one and attach your zip files to that. In the event your log files are too large (above 10 MB) to upload to the Help Desk, upload them to the Shinydocs Collaboration you have with us, and add an entry to the Help Desk ticket referencing that location so that our Help Desk staff can easily pick up the files.

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