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Shinydocs Pro 24.1.0 (January 2024)

The complete contents of the release include both Shinydocs Platform Pro 24.1.0 (including Cognitive Suite CLI) as well as Shinydocs Enterprise Search 24.1.0.

What's New?

Shinydocs Pro 24.1.0 includes the following key features:

  • SharePoint Online Support: Shinydocs Pro customers can now integrate Microsoft SharePoint Online within the Shinydocs Pro Control Center application! Please note that the Enterprise Search capability for searching SharePoint Online content from within the Shinydocs interface is un-permissioned by default following the installation. As a result, it is necessary for the administrator to configure permissions following the installation.

  • Data Overview Page: Shinydocs Pro now boasts a very user-friendly data overview page within the Control Center interface. This Data Overview page allows users to view results across all datasets in one location, regardless of original content source. This consolidated view offers an unparalleled window into all of the unstructured data within an organization!

  • French (Canadian) Support: The Control Center interface in Shinydocs Pro is now available in (Canadian) French.

  • Email Notifications: Within the Control Center interface, Shinydocs Pro users can now configure the application to send email notifications to valid email addresses to notify individuals or teams when a Shinydocs Pro scan has completed, reducing the need to monitor scans manually.

  • Simplified Configuration: All configuration settings for the Control Center within Shinydocs Pro have been brought into the user interface. Manual changes or updates to configuration files are no longer required.

  • Enterprise Search and Dashboard Automation: Shinydocs Pro now automatically configures and activates both Enterprise Search and content dashboards the moment a new data set is created. As a result, Shinydocs Pro users can now see their data as soon as the scan has begun and do not need to wait until the end of the scan to begin benefitting from the application.

  • Enterprise Search Usability: A number of broad improvements to the usability of the Shinydocs Enterprise Search functionality have been introduced in this release. These include:

    • Significant improvements to the design of the Admin Panel, making it easier for administrators to set up and maintain Shinydocs Pro.

    • Users can now search using a filter, but with no search term entered into the search bar.

    • The Document Reporting has been modified. Now, when a users flags a document using this feature, that result will be flagged for review for the administrators. Previously, the document would be removed from future search results.

  • New PII Rules: This release of Shinydocs Pro introduces a number of new, out-of-the-box definitions for PII types. These new types include:

    • IPv4

    • Email address

    • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

    • Google API Key

    • US Medicare Number

    • Wisconsin Driver License Number

Fixed Issues

  • Numerous internally-identified product defects.

Additional Notes

  • To simplify the customer experience and improve communication, we are excited to share that Shinydocs has switched to Calendar Versioning for all of its product releases, including Shinydocs Pro. With Calendar Versioning, the current year is the primary or top level number and the secondary number is assigned sequentially to versions of the software as they are released throughout the year. For example, the first release of Shinydocs Pro in 2024 is: 24.1.0 and the next release will be 24.2.0. This new versioning model replaces the use of Semantic Versioning at Shinydocs which would previously identify product versions by Major Number, Minor Number and Patch Number only.

  • Organizations running Enterprise Search 1.11.1 or earlier need to manually update their index settings before upgrading. Please contact Shinydocs Customer Success for assistance.

  • Please note that with this release, OpenSearch 2.9 and 2.10 are supported. OpenSearch 2.9 is bundled with this release. OpenSearch 2.11 is not yet supported at this time.

  • Please note that since the release of Shinydocs Pro 3.1 (Enterprise Search 1.12) Mac computers and laptops are only able to connect with Shinydocs Enterprise Search if they are on a domain.

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