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Prerequisites for Shinydocs Review

Third-Party Software Requirements

Download and install the following third-party products onto your server:



Download Links

Windows Server

* 2019 64-bit

.NET Framework SDK

7.0 (for Shinydocs Review 2.5)

6.0 (for Shinydocs Review 2.4)

Download .NET 7.0 installers from Microsoft

Download .NET 6.0 installers from Microsoft

ASP .NET Core Runtime (Hosting Bundle)

.NET Runtime

Windows Server roles and features

Web Server > Security > Windows Authentication

Java OpenJDK

11 or later

Plain text editor

* Notepad++

Chromium-based browser

* Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

* Recommended

.NET Packages

Some Windows Server versions may include some .NET features, therefore do not need to be installed separately.

.NET Framework SDK is used by the Workflow Plugin. The SDK is a set of libraries and tools for developing the Workflow Plugin code that runs with the Workflow service.

ASP .NET Core Runtime (Hosting Bundle) is used by the Review application, running from Internet Information Services (IIS) manager.

.NET Runtime is used by the Workflow service.

Hardware Requirements

Dedicated machine(s) are required. The Analytics Engine & Coordinator nodes require dedicated hardware resources as outlined in the following sections:


Requirement per node

CPU (cores)



64 GB


High-Performance NVMe SSD*

See Storage Sizing for more details


10 GBps interface

Shinydocs cannot guarantee specific throughput or performance due to various environment variables.

If your organization’s hardware does not meet these requirements, you may experience slower performance and throughput with a higher error rate.


  • Modern x86 64-bit enterprise-grade processor with 12 or more cores (Intel recommended)

    • More cores can be added to achieve higher performance

    • Due to the varying hardware and needs from organization to organization, you may need additional cores than noted above based on your desired performance

  • Dedicated cores preferred to vCores

  • Minimum 1.6 GHz per core

  • No VM execution cap


  • Maximum supported memory per node is 64 GB

    • If there is still insufficient memory in the cluster, additional nodes of the same hardware configuration should be added to the cluster

  • Enterprise-Grade with Error Correcting Code (ECC)

  • Dedicated memory is preferred

    • The Analytics Engine has a large memory footprint that is locked upon the service starting


  • Search speed and responsiveness are heavily dependent on the speed of your drive IO performance, latency, and throughput

  • Local storage required

    • Shared, network, or remote-cloud storage is not supported due to performance

    • See Storage Sizing for details

  • SSD (NVMe preferred)

  • Random Read: >1000 MB/s @ 100% Utilization

  • Sequential Read: >2000MB/s @ 100% Utilization

  • Sequential Write: >2000MB/s @ 100% Utilization

  • Latency Maximum: <3.00ms

The above must be supported on the backplane of allocated servers.

Dedicated disk performance per machine must be at or above the recommendation.

Disk performance must be maintained if other VMs use the same disk(s).


  • Local switch

  • Server-grade hardware with:

    • No routing/load balancing between devices

    • 10 Gigabit Network Interface on all nodes

    • 10 Gigabit Line between nodes

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